Top 5 Power Tools for Your Woodworking Shop

Getting started with woodworking does not need to be a complex, confusing, or expensive task. Far too often, people make the mistake of thinking that woodworking requires a lot of large, expensive tools. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, you can put together a well-equipped and efficient woodworking shop by purchasing just five basic tools. You might be amazed at the woodworking you will be able to do, using these top 5 power tools.

Power Tools for Your Woodworking Shop
Power Tools for Your Woodworking Shop


Cordless Drill

Many people simply assume that a corded power drill is essential in the workshop. While corded drills have their place, a cordless drill can be much more convenient and easy to use. Cordless drills offer the ultimate in portability, allowing you to use them wherever they are needed. They are simple to use on a workbench, on vertical surfaces, or even overhead. They also offer safety advantages, since you do not have to worry about accidentally tripping over or cutting the power cord. While a cordless drill does generally cost more than a corded drill, the added convenience and portability justifies the added expense. The batteries used to power cordless tools are designed to provide a lengthy amount of service time. Still, if you plan to do quite a bit of woodworking, consider purchasing an additional battery for extra work time. Before starting make sure you also research a bit on internet to find out reviews about best cordless drills these days.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a must in any woodworking shop. This basic handheld tool is extremely versatile, and can be used for a multitude of cutting tasks. Many people consider a circular saw as simply a hand tool for making rougher cuts. However, when paired with a clamp-on straight edge, a circular saw can perform many of the same cutting tasks as a far more expensive table saw. Circular saws are good for cutting jobs that require more portability than a table saw can offer. After all, it is far easier to take a circular saw to a job site than to transport a table saw. Circular saws do a particularly good job when cutting medium-density fiberboard, plywood, or similar sheet goods.

Miter Saw

Compound miter saws are a must-have for cutting compound angles. It would be extremely difficult to cut accurate angles on crown-molding stock without one of these handy tools. Compound angles, consisting of mitered, beveled and combination cuts, are essential to many woodworking projects. Whether you are focused primarily on carpentry or are planning to delve into fine woodworking, a miter saw is a worthwhile purchase for your woodworking shop – see protoolzone.

Jig Saw

A jig saw is invaluable when you need to make curved cuts. In time, you may wish to purchase a band saw. However, a jig saw can be extremely efficient, and will cost a lot less. These saws are easy to use and portable, making them perfect for a wide variety of woodworking projects. Jig saws, sometimes referred to as “sabre saws,” are great for any time you need to make circular or curved cuts. Even if you eventually purchase a band saw, you will continue to appreciate the convenience and portability of a good jig saw. Look for convenient features when purchasing one, such as an easy blade changing system. A corded, orbital action jig saw will provide plenty of versatility for your woodworking projects.

Table Saw

A table saw may be a more expensive purchase than the hand tools mentioned previously, but it is an invaluable woodworking tool. It is generally a good idea to purchase your handheld power tools first, so that you can first become accustomed to them.

Before purchasing a table saw, it is a good idea to think about your woodworking needs. Do some research, and think about the features you will need for the woodworking projects you wish to embark on. If you are equipping your woodworking shop on a budget, pay close attention to which features are necessary, and which ones are merely nice to have. It is generally a good idea to purchase the best table saw you can, while remaining within your budget. A table saw is essentially the centerpiece of any woodworking shop, so it is worth spending a little more on one so that you have a good and dependable saw.

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