DIY Backyard Design with Lawn

Wish to do something about your boring backyard? Want to pop it with colors? Has the dull looking backward been a mood spoiler? Time to transform it!

Backyard Ideas at Nifty DIYs

Do not worry about budget! These DIY backyard designs for lawn won’t burn your pockets.

Try them out if your backyard needs a fresh make-over. Why waste the space? A bit of ideas, some old un-used item and little physical labor can do magic.

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  1.     Old bike Planter

Do you have an old bike lying in dust? May be your neighbor or relative has one? It can give your backyard a great appearance. Here’s how:-

  •         Clean the old bike
  •         Give it a fresh coat of paint (need based)
  •         Get some beautiful blooms for nearby store or nursery
  •         Place the plant in the bike’s front basket!

(Tip: Cute floral plants hanging from the basket look fabulous)

  •         You can also place a pot in the bike’s back holder. Tie it well so that it doesn’t fall off. (optional)
  •         Place the bike leaning on a tree. You may make on stand on a chosen corner too.
  •         Place some more flower pots near the bike

A beautiful backyard bike planter is created!

  1.     Cozy Seating

Cozy Seating

Cozy Seating Via you love to spend some quality time relaxing in the garden? Are you good with setting up DIY book shelves? If yes, then you can give this a shot! Construct a cozy seating in your backyard-

  •         Re-use your old wooden chairs. You may also build your own sofa using leftover wood
  •         Choose a suitable area to place the seating in the backyard
  •         Get hold of some wooden flooring. Place the wooden panels in the lawn
  •         Buy some pebbles and place it evenly around the wooden panels
  •         Place some flower pots near the chairs

If your budget allows, you may build a shade as well. That will allow you to sit comfortable in the backyard during rainy & sunny days.

  1.     Backyard Party Zone

If you love to party with your friends and family, this DIY idea would work for you. Often partying indoors seems monotonous. The after party clean-up is also a stressful chore. So, those who have a spacious backyard can try this.


  •         Clean up all the weeds and dirt from the backyard area
  •         Paint the walls
  •         Buy a lawn mower to shape up the outgrown grass. It also gives them a neat trim. Please read this article on AGreenHand blog for choosing the suitable lawn mower.
  •         Build a plain wooden table from extra old wood.
  •         Transform old folding chairs. Purchase different color spray paint. Paint the folding chairs with vibrant colors.
  •         You can also incorporate some lights for special effects

Your backyard is ready for a fun barbecue party!

  1.     A hammock

Fed up of going to malls and movie theaters every weekend? Need a relaxing Sunday? We have the perfect trick up the sleeve. Add a swing chair or hammock to your lush green backyard lawn.

  •         First you need to buy the hammock. Its easily available in stores and popular on line shopping sites
  •         Measure the hammock’s length and construct 2 poles to tie both ends. Of course, if you have 2 adjacent trees then you don’t need poles
  •         Do add some tiny lights around the trees/poles
  •         For an extra bit, place a tiny handmade/old table near the hammock. It is really helpful when sipping in some juice and you wish to keep the glass. In fact, while reading a book if you wish to doze off in the hammock, the table aids in keeping the phone, book, spectacles etc.

Caution: The hammock may become a favorite in the family! Fights on who gets the hammock are to be settled with a coin toss!

  1.     Wooden Walk-way
Wooden Walk-way
Wooden Walk-way Via

This is a classic yet stylish way to upgrade a pale backyard. The rustic wood effect amidst the plush green lawn is quite appealing.

  •         Place some reclaimed wood from your backyard door to the lawn area.
  •         Add some gorgeous small potted plants on both sides of the wooden walkway

It’s a very easy and affordable way to quickly transform your backyard. The finished look will definitely awe your visitors.


Backyard Ideas at Nifty DIYs
Backyard Ideas at Nifty DIYs

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