10 Ways to find Great Blog Topics

10 Ways to find Great Blog Topics

10 Ways to find Great Blog Topics

Choosing right topics and keywords for blog is crucial.

Only if you do this right; you will get good traffic and engagement on social media networks.

Else you will be wasting time in writing a lot of content and you won’t get any results/traffic.

Following are some great source of finding hot topics for your blog that will not only bring you good traffic from Search Engines but will help you get more engagement on social media networks.

#1 Google Trends

Link: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US

Google trends is the best free online tool for finding ideas and topics for blogs. The trending topics work better than normal keywords/topics

Because the are getting very high searches recently and if you work on them, chances are high that you will get good traffic from search engine and as well as social media sites.

Though it is best tool out there for ideas but it requires proficiency.

You can start by going to left panel and trending searches to find top trends in any Country.

You can select any topic here and further see it’s trends graph.

The real deal is if you scroll down a little, to get to related queries section.

Here you will find trending long tail keywords that are perfect topic for blogging and are sure to bring you some hot traffic.

Similarly you can search any primary term related to your blog, say “Keto” and find related long tail trending topics that you can use.

You can further click any of the related queries term and find even more ideas.

#2 Adwords keyword Tool

Link: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_pk/home/tools/keyword-planner/

For finding conventional keywords, adwords keyword tool is best.

This tool is from Google and it should be obvious that why it is the best.

Given the fact that it is from most used search engine and therefore has most comprehensive search data.

However there is lot of competition too, so comparing with Trending keywords the ideas/topics found here will be difficult to rank and get traffic from.

Trending topics on other hand have less competition because most of the times these are terms that are generated for very first time.

Though using adwords tool is pretty straight forward, there are still some tricks that you can use to find ideas in depth.

You can start by using most primary term related to your field, then move to long tail keywords.

#3 DomTrens

Link: https://domtrens.com

DomTrens comes with free and paid version

I personally love this tool since you can find trending topics by categories, like Food, travel, health & Fitness, entertainment and a lot more.

The best thing is that you can find actionable topics by Countries too.

More than 35+ languages are supported at this platform.

This is the only tool of it’s kind where I have seen a lot of zero competition keywords.

Using these I have already got some good results.

This is also one of the easiest tool that is big time saver.

You will get ideas from any category and country in just few clicks.

#4 keywordtool.io

Link: https://keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is much like Google adwords keyword tool, where you get conventional topic ideas and analytics such as search volume and competition.

However compared to adwords keyword tool, you can find some really good long tail keywords in this tool.

#5 Pinterest trends

Link: https://trends.pinterest.com/?country=US

The next tool in the list is Pinterest trends.

Pinterest is one of the most used social media sites on the Internet.

You can find some great ideas using Pinterest Trends.

As mentioned earlier, Trending topics work better then conventional keywords/topics.

So this is yet another way to find whats trending but on Pinterest trends limited Countries are available at time of writing this article.

#6 BuzzSumo

Link: https://buzzsumo.com

Buzzsumo is one of favorite tool, where you will get content ideas from other bloggers.

In this tool you will see what type of articles are getting more engagement on social media platforms.

These articles are written by other bloggers and are sorted by engagement on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

It is another great way to find topics that will bring you good results.

To get started just search your primary term and you will start seeing related topics.

#7 TrendsMap

Link: https://www.trendsmap.com

This is yet another online platform where you can find latest trends as they happen.

On Trendsmap you get all the trending hash tags from twitter

You can zoom in any country to find what’s trending in that country, the bigger the hash tag the more it’s trending

It is a good way to find hot topics.

#8 Reddit Trends

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/popular/

Reddit happens to be one of the famous social media sites where you you will find higher percentage of geek people.

Here you can to reddit popular page to hunt some interesting ideas.

You will find trending news, topics, videos and some general stuff.

#9 Buzzfeed

Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com

Buzzfeed is one of the most popular magazine platform, where you will find all sorts of topics.

This is perfect hunting ground for your next magnificent blog topic.

#10 Msn

Link: https://www.msn.com/en-xl/

Msn is online news and entertainment portal managed by Microsoft.

You will find mostly latest news and lifestyle stuff.

But if you dig deep, you can find some gems related to travel, fitness, sports and more.

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