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Homemade Carpet Stain Remover

This is something really painful to clean all the stubborn stains from the household stuff and you just can not leave them as they are because these are not eye candies instead look ugly and totally reflects your love for your home and its management […]

9 Excellent DIY Car Cleaning Tips

9 Excellent DIY Car Cleaning Tips

Car Cleaning Hacks & Tips Use these excellent Car cleaning tips to clean your car effectively and without much back pain To view all tips just click the arrow button !     #1 Clean Car Floor Mats Who knew you could also clean your car […]

10 Grout Cleaning & restoring DIYs

Grout Cleaning and Restoring Tutorials   Grout gets dirt very easily and are one of the most difficult to clean if not done the correct way. If they are cleaned well then it can simply make a big difference, so i have collected some good tutorials […]

12 Insanely Genius Car hacks

Immensely Useful Car Hacks If you haven’t been using some practical car hacks then you should really consider these, this will make your life enormously Convenient. Specially for moms when kids go all rough in cars and your seats are full of stuffs, proper organizing of […]

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