Music DIY Projects

Music DIY Projects

Music is the art of joining choral and or instrumental sounds together to create languages, like feelings and conditions. Music is a way people express their feelings and thoughts, which they find difficult to convey without music.

Music DIY
Music DIY


  1. PVC Pipe Xylophone

If you love music, then you must be aware of the mathematics of music. Let’s explore the fun of music with a homemade PVC pipe xylophone. This DIY is best for the boys who enjoy blowing pipes and making crazy noises. Let’s try to make some instruments with different lengths of pipe to make different notes. The tone and pitch changes when we blow harder or softer on the same size pipe. Click here to get the step wise tutorial of PVC Pipe Xylophone.

PVC Pipe Xylophone
PVC Pipe Xylophone


  1. Spin drum

With some simple and raw material, you can make a beautiful spin drum. Beating the drums and creating beats is always interesting. It will be more fun when you create a spin drum by your own. You will need a hard board, piece of string and some beads. With few minutes of work, your spin drum will be ready. Click here to get the detailed instructions.


  1. Recycled Vinyl Projects

The role of old records and vinyl can never be forgotten as they have played essential roles in our lives. Many of us still have the old records in our storerooms or forgotten in the back of a closet. Click here to find some exciting ways to give them a new purpose and life and still keep their memory intact.


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