5 Things to Give up for Weight Loss

5 Things to Give up for Weight Loss

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#1 POP/Soda/ Kool aid

If you’re trying to loose weight say no to all kinds of carbonated drinks as they  are full of calories.


#2 Salt/high sodium food

Eating high sodium diet can be extremely harmful for your health even if you’re not trying to loose weight and  has negative effects even on healthy and young individuals.


#3 Sugar

The first thing to give up in your diet plan is sugar. This does not include fruit sugars but brown sugar ,granulated sugar and other foods with sugar.

Sugar Free

Sugar Free

#4 Refined starches

Replace snacks containing refined starch with something healthier and with low calories and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of snacks like pastas,cereals or rice.


#5 Cheese / Butter

Reduce  any form of cheese and butter you use  from your diet as it is greatly responsible for weight gain and other health issues.



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