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10 Excellent Handmade Christmas Gift DIYs

Awesome Handmade Christmas Gift Tutorials

With Christmas being around the corner it is time to finalize your preparations, one of the main event is exchanging Gifts on Christmas eve.

While Gifts from shopping mart really do their job, Handmade Gifts are always more memorable and are Cherished by receivers.

So here are some really adorable Handmade gift ideas that will make your Guests Delighted.

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10 Excellent Handmade Christmas Gift DIYs
10 Excellent Handmade Christmas Gift DIYs


#1 Bag of Treats

An exceptional way of presenting treats and candies to kids.

Make Burlap Treat bags with ribbons and decoration

Tutorial here: Easy DIY Burlap Treat Bags


Bag of Treats
Bag of Treats


#2 Braided Bracelets

An excellent handmade gift idea for teen girls which you can make in Just 5 minutes

Link: jersey knit bracelet


Braided Bracelets
Braided Bracelets


#3 Candy Cane Hearts

Make adorable candy cane Heart pops which every one would love to have !

They are just so cute and they can also make perfect present for valentine’s day

Link: How to make candy cane hearts


Candy Cane Hearts
Candy Cane Hearts


#4 Christmas Mason Jar Ideas

Well in this tutorial there are few Cute Mason Jar gift ideas including elf inspired mason jar gift and Frozen inspired.

Full Tutorial; Elf Mason Jar


Christmas Mason Jar Ideas
Christmas Mason Jar Ideas


#5 Deer Silhouette

Make Deer Silhouette on Burlap canvas which looks super awesome, an amazingly handsome gift to present.

be sure to give it cute wrapping !

Full Tutorial: Deer Silhouette


Deer Silhouette
Deer Silhouette


#6 Emergency Chocolate Craft

Wow this is so intelligent, make cool Emergency Chocolate Craft .. Hmm we so need this in our office !

P.s you don’t have to break glass it is just for Fun! Candies or Chocolate can be accessed from back of panel 🙂

Full Tutorial; Emergency Chocolate Craft


Emergency Chocolate Craft
Emergency Chocolate Craft


#7 Gifts for Children

Make Candy Sleighs which look so adorable, they will be perfect gift for Kids and will surely make up their Christmas day.

Be sure to make this Christmas Memorable one and make couple of these for your kids, these kinds of gifts for Kids are always so special.

Link: candy sleighs


Gifts for Children
Gifts for Children


#8 Gifts In A Jar

Here are some really cute Gifts in jar ideas, these Big jars can accommodate anything from Chocolates to Soda Drinks, ice Cream supplies, Beauty products

Full Tutorial here: Gifts in jar ideas


Gifts In A Jar
Gifts In A Jar


#9 For Kitchen Lovers

An Adorable way of presenting Kitchen supplies to cooking lover women.

This can be perfect Gift for your wife, your besties or your daughters.

Just get a cute Glove for Baking and place Kitchen supplies in it, which can be from mini blender to Kitchen wares

Remember to give it proper wrapping or in this case a simple Ribbon knot will do the job !

Original Source image here


Kitchen Love
Kitchen Love


#10 Hot Cocoa Kits

These Hot Cocoa Kit looks so adorable specially these tubes make it perfect and compelling !

This is rather a simple and easy Gift to make, you just need to get these tubes and Cocoa supplies.

Full Tutorial here: Hot Cocoa Kits


Hot Cocoa Kits
Hot Cocoa Kits

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